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Greetings from Melbourne Australia


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A big Hi to TeamFDM!  Got into 3D printing during what was a very long COVID lockdown here in 2021.  During that time a put together a Prusa MK3S+ kit which was a godsend to while away the lockdown hours.  It has served me well but I eventually found the build volume to be a bit limiting.  So earlier this year I found an AnyCubic Kobra Max on Ebay.  Seemed like a good idea at the time but quickly discovered it was plagued by a multiple of issues.  Eventually converted it to direct drive and loaded custom Marlin firmware on it and it has been quite servicable since.  Even to the point of being able to print voron ABS parts which is very handy.  But its very slow!

Decided to bite the bullet mid year and go coreXY and Voron seemed the logical choice.  Finally my 2.4 seems to be stable and reliable.  Building and modding it was a trip 🙂

I am located in innerish Eastern Melbourne Suburbs.




my Voron.jpg

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