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Greetings from Blaustein


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I just thought I'd say hello.

I'm a 62yr old teenager, originally British now German. Based in Blaustein/Ulm.

I have a V2.4 running BTT Manta M8P, CB1, SB2209, TAP. I still tuning this, I'm getting +/- 0.15mm accuracy and would like to tweak it more. I'm thinking of ditching the TAP and Steathburner and going with an Orbiter and Microprobe setup.

I'm building a V0.1 Fystec kit (Manta M5P, CB1, Oribiter v2.0, EBB36)

And I have yet to finish Frankenstein - my Artillery Genius upgraded mongrel

I mainly print ABS, ABS+ and ASA. I absolutely hate PTEG and have never printed with PLA. Speed printing does not interest me, I would rather wait and have a good result.

I've never printed a Benchy

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2 hours ago, Penatr8tor said:

I would say... get a Beacon pro

Welcome to the forum

2 hours ago, Penatr8tor said:

I would say... get a Beacon probe. Once you experience the following... you'll be sold

100% Agree. I am in the process of planning to convert all. my printers to beacon. The only drawback - expensive if you are converting 6 printers. Well worth it though! 

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