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Not a Voron but a Voron printed project - Orbion Space Mouse


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This build dedicated to @claudermilk.

Well way back I was inspired by Chris's build of an Orbion space mouse and ordered the parts immediately.  Never got around to it, as I had the Micron build, VZBot resurrection and the Trident 300 mm build. Had some free time today (Saturday - Ozzie time) as wife is away on a Girls weekend. What better to do than build the space mouse.

Well to start off with - confusion galore !  The GitHub pages are not organised at all and it took a lot of searching to find the latest build - Except I did not!

I printed and build v2.2, thinking this was the latest. Was very confused looking at the wiring diagrams which had three switches at the back  and neopixels, but the stl file body I printed and the CAD only had one switch. Well, turns out  the latest version is 2.5

Ended up building this version (2.2) because I printed the parts for it already - why waste it?

Used an old CAT5 ethernet cable that I stripped down for the wiring. 

Joystick assembled:


Screen fitted and wired


LED's fitted -- oops - this is for Version 2.5, but this is build 2.2 ?????? Why are they listed in the BOM????.

Not going to be wired or used.


Had to print some parts in TPU - First time ever using TPU (Have a roll of E-Sun e-TPU- 95A). Fired up the Trizero, adjusted the tension - set up a slicer profile and away we go. Very happy with the results - functional to say the least.

IMG_5415.thumb.png.0f7f54d45472ede75e72917d613d113a.png IMG_5417.thumb.png.ea1ddeec35a697470df1d5734d896024.pngIMG_5416.thumb.png.185c7d0704db4d5594d5524c2c5c4ce4.png

Wow - there is a lot of stringing ! - Will have to tune that.

Just for good measure, I printed a tyre as well 😂 - I'm having fun alright!

IMG_5418.thumb.png.c15d3bb7df6d7ddf51c9eeda8d8daf28.png IMG_5419.thumb.png.fb20f77d3eb4744a21fade50ef43c8b5.png

Eventually found the stl's for the current version 2.5 - printing those now on the 2.4 350mm build:.


For those that have come to know me, I order double of everything, so I have enough parts to build the 2.5 version as well. What will I do with two space mice?   Don't care - might donate one to a friend! I am having fun alright??

Fitted all together and came out pretty good. Slight gap between the knob and the carriage - may have to look at the printer tolerances.

IMG_5411.thumb.png.0d21de0efec44312d04b35e8b18f56f9.png IMG_5413.thumb.png.263661c4c4641a6596ff3d611da7298d.png

Plugged it in to the iMac and recognised by the Mac. Now on to programming it.

Nice little Saturday Project!

I had fun - thought I 'd share


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It's a fun/frustrating project. The github is poorly organized and the documentation such as it is takes some study to figure out what you need to do. For some reason mine crapped out after a while so I set it aside. I might tackle a different space mouse project that looks a bit simpler, but this was a fun and educational build. It certainly stretched my soldering skills and I learned some stuff there so not a total waste.

TPU has been extremely difficult for me to print. I can get functional parts, but they aren't pretty and if you thought PETG was bad for stringing, boy oh boy.

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22 hours ago, Ducky4546 said:

That's a cool project! I used to swear by the space mouse. I've always wanted to integrate a space mount into my keyboard 👍

This is a concept I've been playing with but I don't have time right now to get back into keyboard design.


The QMK firmware is able to handle joystick inputs now but you would need to use three separate joysticks or create a floating spring structure to hold the stick relative to some hall effect sensors. Of course, my mind goes straight to printed flexures as a solution!

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