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Are there any Klicky Servo Aficionados in here?


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I'm having some issues with my servo I can't get figured out.  

When I try to home Z the tool head moves to position and the servo arm extends but the tool head moves away before the servo arm retracts, leaving the probe on the dock.

And then I get this error:

Error evaluating 'gcode_macro _SetProbeState:gcode': gcode.CommandError: Probe attach failed!

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Hey there DIYGuy75, would have answered sooner but I've been a bit distracted lately.  When I 1st setup my retractable probe I only had trouble with the mounting tightness of the servo motor... abit to tight and the thing would "bind", likely due to a dimensional error in my parts and getting the deploy and retract angles set.  The problem you are describing sounds like a timing error in the macro.  This is from my klicky-variables.cfg file:

#The following variables are used if the dock is deployed and retracted via a servo motor
variable_enable_dock_servo:  True             # Set to true if your klicky dock is servo-controlled
variable_servo_name:        'klicky_servo'    # The name of the dock servo defined in printer.cfg under [servo]
variable_servo_deploy:         20              # This EXAMPLE is the value used to deploy the servo fully
variable_servo_retract:        240            # This EXAMPLE is the value used to retract the servo fully (initial_angle in [servo] config)
variable_servo_delay:          250            # This is a delay to wait the servo to reach the requested position, be carefull with high values

I would suggest checking the last line (variable_servo_delay) as it is the one that seems to control how long a wait is for the probe to deploy.  I don't recall changing this so I would think that "250" is the default value.  On my system this equates to about 2-3 seconds from the time the print head stops to receive the probe and then starts moving again.  I've included a short vid of mine homing by way of example.

Good Luck and stay safe,

Ken O.

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