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Stepper motor overheating - too many e-steps?



I've just built am Afterburner for my CR10S4. Went together well. But when I try to calibrate e-steps it only extruded about 25mm. I upped the e-steps to around 359. It seems to extrude faster but is still only extruding around 50mm and the stepper motor overheats within a few minutes. The stepper stays really hot even when just sitting idle as well. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong?


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No expert here, but I don't think the toolhead should show such a large gap? Are you sure all parts of the Afterburner are mounted correctly and have a good fit? Perhaps the stepper motor just needs to work to hard to push through the filament?

Is the stepper motor correctly configured in the printer.cfg file? You may have set the max current set too high?

Hope that others can chime in, but have a look at the above points, maybe it helps? 

Good luck!

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