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Hi all.  My name is Bryan, but you can call me Brystro (combination of Bryan & Maestro).  Just started to get into the 3D printing scene in April 2023.  Bought an Ender 3v2 to see if its something I'm into.  Well, I am hooked!  Just finished building a Voron 0.2 and converted my Ender to a Switchwire.  Got serials for both.  You could say that I am now a Voron addict with the build of a 2.4 coming soon.  Still a little bit of a n00b, but willing to learn, accept constructive criticism and just have some fun printing things!

I am in Oregon and blessed to only live less than 5 miles from West3D, so I am seeing these guys a lot and sharing in the successes, frustrations and failures of the 3D printing world.

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