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Rise or replace Y axis?


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I have an Anet ET4, which is an Ender 3 clone, that I have modded over the years but now want to convert it to a switchwire (actually came across this forum when I found the mini stealth because I was looking for a way to use the sherpa mini and 4040s in a stealthburner) and have pretty much everything I need for the conversion, but I had the SMALL oversight that the Y axis uses a 2040 extrusion, so the MGN12H rails I already bought would not fit  because the printer has an aluminum case, much like the Elegoo Neptune:

Recently I found a mod that someone made to his ET4 to add double guide rails in the sides, but he used MGN9H and put a 3mm riser underneath, but since I have 12s I checked against the cad and saw I need to rise it about 6mm, so I started to question whether it would be feasible to print the riser (with a 40% infill for good rigidity, I have a 3kg ABS spool so material is not a problem) or should I just replace the extrusion with a 4040.


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