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Greetings from a total Newbie!


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Used to be an engineer and machinist.  Got rid of my machine shop except for a tiny cnc mill.  Now I have a brand new 7 axis cnc:  Voron 2.4 350mm.

I purchased the minimum ABS parts kit and am up to the point that I can now print.  Made all the skirts, panel clips, handles, etc.  Lots of calibrations.  Had my first big crash, dug into the smooth PEI sheet and bent the nozzle.  Only just up and running again, now I feel like my PLA is wet.  My Clockwork 2 extruder is clicking...

Anyone know where to get a new PEI sticker in 355mm?



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Welcome to the forum. I think we have all been there - crashing into the build plate and dragging the nozzle along leaving unwanted craters and ravines on the plate.

50 minutes ago, Beez1965 said:

My Clockwork 2 extruder is clicking..

It is skipping steps by the sound of it.  Check the  run_current in the [tmc2209 extruder] section and increase that. (Should be between 0.6 and 0.8 normally) Make sure the nozzle is not clocked/partially blocked. Check the tension on the filament (Tension spring on clockwork that sets the pressure of the filament gears). Make sure you don't have any bad crimps to the extruder motor. If you have build CW2 with the flathead screw in the extruder that the manual calls anti squish thingymajig, has not come loose. 



Just some of the things I can think of





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