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Howdy from Seattle


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Hey all, 

I live near Seattle and have been a 3d printing enthusiast for about 10 years now. Around that time I was working at Microsoft as a software developer and met a new coworker. He brought in an original MakerBot and we 3d printed a beer opener in our shared office. I was amazed to see that you could create real usable objects from a desktop 3d printer. I was hooked. I started with a Mendel Max 1.5 kit I bought off eBay. Then decided to design and build my own printers from scratch.

Fast forward a few years Kendall and I had become really good friends and regularly hung out to play games and talk about robotics and 3d printing. Sadly in 2019 he was diagnosed with a GBM and passed away in early 2021. Hardly a day goes by I don't miss our conversations about building things, robotics and 3d printers. His widow gave me one of his older Lulzbot Kit Taz printers and it sat in my office room for over a while trying to decide what to do with it. Finally, I decided to disassemble it and build a Voron with as many of the parts as I could manage to reuse (Motors, Bed, Power, Camera, 2020 Aluminum). I self sourced the rest of the build which lead to many headaches... who knew you couldn't cut 2020 on a $400 table saw with enough accuracy to build the Voron frame? 🤷‍♂️

I really enjoy seeing what everyone is building, and I enjoy the community support for mods and additional parts and hope to contribute what I can. I built a custom BTT H2 V2S extruder mount that looks sweet. I haven't posted the design yet because I think it still needs some QOL improvements.

Thanks for reading! If anyone happens to be in the Issaquah WA area and wants to grab a coffee and chat about 3d printing, that would make my day! 😊



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Welcome aboard Jay! I’ve worked for Microsoft just over 24 years. I’ve worked from home since 2017 after we moved from Kent to Olympia.

My son got me interested in the hobby. We gave him a 3d printer for Christmas many years back. Not the one he asked for (wanted and Ender 3). It had the build size of a V0, but had a huge frame around it. He got quite a bit of mileage out of it, printing some things for me: a custom mount for a Ring door bell, a mount for a relay box for my 72 Chevelle to name a few things. 

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