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Prusia / Super Slicer to Orca script


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I have been trying out Orca slicer recently and really been liking the work flow.

Searching around for a way to export my settings from Prussia Slicer I found this Perl Script below;



1) I downloaded the script below into the windows Strawberry directory location after following the install instructions.

    Clone the git hub repo was not working from the command line for me. 

    git clone https://github.com/theophile/SuperSlicer_to_Orca_scripts.git

2) When you run the "Interactive mode" (Feel just like KIUAH) you have the option to "discard" the printer name.

    Make sure you choose this selection or the filament or process will only be visible to that printer. 

3) Make sure the files go into the directory below. On the first try it made a "Default" folder. In windows I just moved the folder over    

   C:\Users\dhdes\AppData\Roaming\OrcaSlicer\user\[Big long acct. Number]\


Hope this find helps someone. 







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Was a bit tricky getting this installed on Mac OSX Sonoma, but worked in the end.

This is what I done:

Opened a terminal

Installed XCode command Line Tools:

xcode-select –install

Installed Homebrew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)"

Follow the steps given in the terminal after homebrew has installed



==> Next steps:

- Run these two commands in your terminal to add Homebrew to your PATH:

    (echo; echo 'eval "$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)"') >> /Users/meindertvanderveer/.zprofile

    eval "$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)"


installed perl

brew install pearl
brew link --overwrite perl

Then you need to set up Perl



By default non-brewed cpan modules are installed to the Cellar. If you wish

for your modules to persist across updates we recommend using `local::lib`.

You can set that up like this:

  PERL_MM_OPT="INSTALL_BASE=$HOME/perl5" cpan local::lib

And add the following to your shell profile e.g. ~/.profile or ~/.zshrc

  eval "$(perl -I$HOME/perl5/lib/perl5 -Mlocal::lib=$HOME/perl5)"


Next, in the terminal type


This will open a different shell:



You will need to install a whole lot of modules - read the subsequent messages from cpan as you go

First install the default download mechanism for cpan

o conf init pushy_https

This defaults to true which uses the latest install method.

Now commit these changes

 o conf commit

Next install the modules, one at a time:

install CPAN::DistnameInfo
install Term::ReadLine::Perl
install Mac::SystemDirectory
install File::HomeDir
install Path::Class
install Path::Tiny
install String::Escape
install Term::Choose
install Text::SimpleTable

Those were the modules I needed, there may be others

Then run 

perl superslicer_to_orca.pl

and we have lift off:



Which slicer do you want to import from?



Hope this helps someone.

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This is what I have in my "Machine Start Gcode" box in both Orca and Prusia. Without the M104 and M140 it would heat to the temps in the slicer code. The rest is my print_start macro 

M104 S0 ; Stops PrusaSlicer from sending temp waits separately
M140 S0
print_start EXTRUDER=[first_layer_temperature[initial_extruder]] BED=[first_layer_bed_temperature]

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