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Voron 0 formbot - X Axis after belts installation



After installing the belts, the X axis is not "balanced". There is some offset on the left side when it's reaching the rear... I'm attaching a video. I don't know if it's acceptable or possible implications.
The belts are stretched equally. They are identical in length and have the same tails. I also was very strict with the frame build. 
I have some troubles measuring the frequency as Pano tuner doesn't work well on my smartphone. It seems to not refresh the readings and I get inconsistent readings. The belts look stretched well to me, but I know it has to be measured. If you know a good frequency detector that might work better, please tell me. 😞

I'm kind of stuck...

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Honestly, for my V0.2 I used the Nero method: pluck the belts and tweak on the tension knobs until I hit "eh, feels about right." The first couple of test prints after basic tuning & input shaping look great, so I'm content. I couldn't get a phone instrument tuner app to give me anything like useful readings, and I tried several.

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On 10/9/2023 at 12:32 PM, mvdveer said:

Cannot see the video but it sounds like you need to rack the gantry. See this video form Nero3D:

After that, tension the belts. Use this handy tool to tension the belts rather than the Pano Tuner:

Here is another of the same. 

@mvdveer What is the optimal place the needle has to be with that gauge? I have it between 2 and 3. Is it ok?

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I calibrated my calibration tool with the music wire to1.8 and then set the printer belt tension on the printers to 2.2.


2 hours ago, shkop said:

I have it between 2 and 3. Is it ok?

I would probably lean closer to 2 than 3. As long as the belts are equally tensioned, you should be ok.

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