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First Voron


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The story of myself and Voron started in December 2020, a mere 2 months after purchasing my first 3D printer. I came across a video of a 2.2 on Youtube and I was hooked. Given that I was still very much a novice the task of starting with a 2.2 build looked daunting so I settled for a Switchwire. It all almost all the qualities of its big brother: speed, reliability, Afterburner... So in January 2021 I started gathering parts. Kits were still relatively new back then so I self sourced most of the parts only buying partial kits for fasteners, linear rails etc. Beside ordering parts from the BOM I began contemplating the difficult task of printing ABS on a open air bed slinger with a PTFE lined hotend. Now that in itself is a job, let me tell you! 😄 My first attempts at building a styrofoam enclosure for my stock Tronxy were nothing less than heroic. First attempts failed: either parts would not stick to the build plate or the hotend kept clogging as the temperatures for ABS were proving too much for the horribly designed Tronxy hotend. After many tries I decided to cheat a bit so my first Voron had mixed PETG and ABS parts. Blasphemy! I went so far as to print the skirts in PLA. Depravity, I know. All to build my first Voron. In the next days I will try to recount some of the trials and tribulations I went in my search for the Holy Grail. Monty Python style, of course. DSC_1071.thumb.jpg.28395e1e259bc8b58c0e7fbe5c98e5a7.jpg

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