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Attempting first Voron build - hello from Melbourne, Australia


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Hi there from Melbourne, Australia.

Been 3d printing for about a year now on heavily modified Tronxy x5sa, Ender 5 Plus and Ender 3 V2. All enclosed, all with linear rails and Afterburner interchangeable tool-heads (e3dv6, Dragonfly BMS, Mosquito magnum and a seperate e3dv6 Volcano), BTT boards (1.4 turbo on x5sa and plus and mini-e3 on ender3 (e3dv6, Dragonfly BMS, Mosquito magnum and a seperate e3dv6 Volcano). All running raspi pi4 with Klipper and fluid, controlled mainly through klipperscreen on Raspi pi 7 inch screens)

Just about sourced all the hardware for the Voron 2.4r1 build, and am halfway printing the stl's. Have the BTT Octopus board rather than two skr 1.4 or now the v2 boards). Hope to get started within the next month. 

Join the group to gain some wisdom by browsing the forums, trying to minimise rookie mistakes.




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