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Hello from Washington!


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Hey! I'm not new to printing - a couple of my friends got me into it back when they pulled me into the build of a Cupcake CNC - but I am new to Voron, and am loving the community so far. My workhorse for the last 6ish years has been a mostly stock Prusa i3 Mk2S, but I just built a 350mm Trident from a Formbot kit. And now that I have my Trident up, it's not staying stock, and soon my i3 won't be either.

The forums already saved me a couple of times in my build as a lurker, so I'm excited to more actively be a part of the community!


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Yep, that 250mm z limitation was definitely a big sticking point for me, but then the tilting bed of the Trident had too many fun possibilities for me to pass up (there was a non-planar slicing project I saw several years ago that would have really liked being able to tilt the bed to get more clearance for the hotend)

I decided long term if I really want the longer z, I should be able to source longer z lead screws and rails - the ratrig vcore is effectively the same bed system as the trident, and they go to 500x500x500mm (and their bed to z drive mount system is cleaner - definitely want to build that into my trident at some point too)

I'll get some pics up when things are a little more cleaned up - its still kind of a mess (the wiring is downright embarrassing right now). I have been having some difficulty with the reverse bowden tube as well - it is really close to the top wall of the printer, and I just haven't been happy with the routing I've been able to achieve. Looks like some others fix it with keeping their spool in the enclosure and it gives better routing, but we'll see.


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