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Hello from Idaho


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Greetings everyone. I've been lurking here for the last few weeks and quietly building an LDO Voron 0.2 kit. I've managed initial powerup without letting any magic smoke out, so I've got that going for me. Still working to wrap my head around all the configuration options in Klipper and Mainsail to get things going. My goal at this point is to be able to print PIF quality parts on this little 0.2.

I built my Prusa Mk3s a few years back, and have been eyeballing a Voron build for the last couple of years. I finally just decided to jump in with the 0.2 to bootstrap building a bigger Voron eventually. Can't decide between a 2.4 or a Trident. And then there's Printers for Ants... I find myself wanting to build ALL the printers!

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