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Hello from the UK


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Hi All, 

I stumbled across the forum from doing a deep dive for mods for a Stealthburner (Orbiter V2.0, Orbiter Filament Sensor, EBB36, Knomi and cable chain for a Switchwire - unfortunately still looking for a CAD version)

Unfortunately i am not lucky enough yet to have a Voron, but a V2.4 350mm is on my list for next year, however due to wanting to dip my tow in to Voron and Modding, i am looking at converting my CR-10 Smart Pro to a Voron Switchwire, which is quite challenging! 

Being of the older generation its great to see a forum that is still very much alive and thriving 


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4 minutes ago, claudermilk said:

Welcome to the forum! We would love to see a build diary of that project!

This forum was a godsend for we olds. 😁 The Discord--while very helpful--often feels like drinking from a fire hose. There is also now an official forum to go along with this one and the Discord.

Thanks for the welcome, once I know the route I am taking I think will start a build thread, i was going to do a github, but i would have to fathom out how to use it first! looks very complicated 😆

That's why i had to join when i saw there was an actual forum! i am on the Voron discord and well it BLOWS my mind! WAY too much going on at the same time!! lol, i am also on the Voron Forum, however i haven't actually ventured too far in to anything on there! 

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Welcome to the group. I second the build diary request for your Voron 2.4 build. I will go on to say that... picking the largest format printer on surface appears to be the best choice... understand that a larger motion system, print bed, etc. multiplies the issues you will eventually have to deal with once it's up and running. A 300 might be a better choice if you don't need the extra 50mm of build volume.

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