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Hello from Wisconsin!


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Hi everyone! I'm new here, but not new to printing. I started in 2019 with an Ender 3 Pro, and the collection has been growing ever since:

  1. Ender 3 Pro - Modified many times. Was happily running Klipper and a belted Z mod with custom designed Hero Me v4 compatible BMG+V6 mount for a couple years until recently.
  2. BIQU BX - Backed this one on Kickstarter. Nice printer, does a good job with pretty much everything I throw at it. The only modifications I've done were to install Klipper, add more cooling to the hotend, and better/quieter cooling in the electronics enclosure.
  3. Ender 5 Plus - A friend of mine sold this to me after realizing he only printed one thing in the span of 9 months. I rebuilt the frame, upgraded to a BTT Octopus board, scrapped the electronics enclosure, installed a Hemera Revo, and added cable chains. Up until recently it was my fastest and most accurate printer.
  4. Salad Fork (160mm version) - A friend from my previous job gifted me a 75% built Salad Fork Fabreeko kit that he hadn't touched in months, as he didn't think he would ever finish it and doesn't print enough that he really needs it. (He also has a Voron V0.2 and a Trident) I've been super happy with it! It prints ABS and ASA really well

With how well the Salad Fork prints, I've been very motivated to have other printers like it. Currently I'm doing an Enderwire conversion on my Ender 3 Pro, and I'm building a Voron V0.2. I'm also planning a Mercury One.1 (plus Hydra) conversion on the 5 Plus later this year or early next when I have the time.


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Welcome to the forum @Jameson42. Happy to have you on board. Seems your 3D Printing journey started like most of ours. First the Creality clan - then onto the Voron-clan. Once you have build and used a Voron, there is no going back.  My 4 x Enders are in storage, awaiting some love. Was going to do some conversion but then I built a Voron (V0.1). The rest is history - have now completed 8 Voron Builds. 

5 hours ago, Jameson42 said:

I'm also planning a Mercury One.1 (plus Hydra) conversion on the 5 Plus


5 hours ago, Jameson42 said:

and I'm building a Voron V0.2

Would you consider sharing your journey in a build diary - we would love to follow along.

Welcome again

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