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Not a Voron - VZBot resurrection


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6 hours ago, mvdveer said:

I was also told on discord that I had a lot of red flags for a VZBot:

1. Octopus Pro v1.1 - bad board

2. SHT36v2 - voltage problems

3. EVA3 toolhead - outdated - apparently 2.4 is better

4. Rapido hotend - will fail

Ah well, too late now - lets see how it performs with the red flags

(Not really worried - more a tongue in the cheek post)

And I am sure the justification for those comments were "for reasons... trust me..." ROFL

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Tuning going well, just need to tweak first layer and pressure advance a bit more. Next is panels, RCS fans and topcoat fitment. Cooling needs to be improved at the speed it is printing, thus will go CPAP ( @cjkennedy72 might be something you want to consider from the start) Printing the parts now. 





Speed Test:




Pretty happy at this stage.





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I just wanted to alert you to an issue I just experienced. On the VzBoT CNC toolhead... the CPAP fan duct has 4 mounting points... two at the rear and another two where you screw 2 M3 SHCS' up from the underside and into the bottom of the toolhead.

You will want to loctite those two screws because if they should happen to vibrate loose... Gravity will drop them onto your part, while it's printing. Don't ask me how I know. 😄 Fortunately I caught it soon enough that I could recover. No damage and no need for new parts.

These two screws (red arrows)


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3 hours ago, Penatr8tor said:

On the VzBoT CNC toolhead

CNC carriage arriving today - thanks for the heads up - just in time! Also going Carbon Fibre for X- Rail. Just a bit concerned about distortion when chamber gets hot. (Apparently this can happen if chamber temp gets above 60C

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RSCS fans installed and panels fixed. Have ordered some 3mm plexiglass to cut new panels and doors as the ones on the printer got damaged whilst it was in storage.

Was going to convert this to CNC parts but decided it would be more fun to build an all metal VZBot. Thus, the parts already ordered will go towards that project - VZBot 235 all aluminium AWD.  (Self-Sourced, not a kit. (Five out of eight of my Vorons were all self -sourced - Voron2.4r2, Voron Switchwire, Voron 0, voron Trizero, Voron Boxzero, so why not a VZBot)

Will be fitting the tophat tonight after work and put the printer into "production" .

Whilst I enjoyed this build it was extremely frustrating due to a variety of reasons:

1. Lack of adequate instructions/manual

2. unsynchronised stepper motors.

3. The struggle with Octopus Pro and SPI drivers

4. The EVA3D v3 toolhead and the "space" it takes up. (Looses 30mm of Y travel)

5. Squaring the frame - this printer originated from a Tronxy X5SA and the extrusions are not the best there is.

Just to name a few........

Will post a photo of the printer when tophat is fitted and then close this thread.


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Welcome to the family VZ.254

Glad this saga came to an end. However the printer is printing really well, and fast.


Build formally finished.

Thanks to all for your help and advice

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