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VORONSTRESS Introduction


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Hey all I go by MetaLOL or Meta on Discord I'm on EST and work in the Tech field, and enjoy learning new things (why I picked the Voron TBH)

I'm a brand new FDM member here, but have been active in the discord. I just built my first Voron 2.4 (It took and I'm ashamed to say this 5 months lol, though this was mostly because I got overwhelmed by the wiring portion and am very new to electronics in general even low voltage stuff). It has been so great to learn the ins and outs of how a 3d printer actually works, instead of just getting one out of the box :P.

Although I am looking forward to my printer working out in the end, the real gift of this printer is the friends I made along the way.

(Seriously though, a great community and the Discord has been a wealth of good information!)

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Welcome to the forum! Don't worry about build time, you aren't the longest build out there and it's not a race. There's been a couple of extended builds here, and my V0.2 isn't moving at light speed. IIRC, Sanity's Switchwire took at least 6 months.

A part of what attracted me to Vorons os the awesome community that's grown around the printers.

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Welcome to the forum. Build at your own pace when you can. It's supposed to be fun!   Make sure you are comfortable with each stage/phase of the build. ASK QUESTIONS!  We love questions..  🙂   Afterall, we are all problem solvers and love challenges. Sharing the knowledge we have gained with others is an integral part of this site.

You will find no judgements here.



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