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Hi from the Netherlands


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Have been reading here for some days now and really like the open atmosphere and support! 👍

My 3D printing background is limited to an Ender 3 Pro that I did mod to my liking. Also build a Sorotec CNC machine that I use for my guitar building hobby.

Triggered by the new generation of 3D printing machines like Ankermate, Bambu X1 and Creality K1 and Max, I almost took the plunge for ordering a K1 Max. Since it was out of Stock and kept reading about some problems I always saw the reference to Voron,.... What is Voron,... and so my journey started among others by reading on this forum.

A Formbot Voron V0.2 kit with printed parts is on it's way. I hope for a smooth build and trials printing ABS. Let's see if this journey will bring me to printing my own V2.4 parts,....


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Welcome to the forum! As always, we love a build diary around here. It's also a good place to ask questions on your build.

Your Ender should be able to print up the ABS parts for your Voron build. Just put a box, or even a trash bag over it. The main thing is to get a bubble of warm air and no drafts. I printed up my Trident parts on my Prusa Mini with a box over it with little trouble (the bigger parts needed big brims to stop warping).

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