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LDO Voron 0.2 S1 : Picobilical Mod


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Currently building a Voron 0.2 S1 LDO kit...

The kit came with the LDO Picobilical. I see no strain relief on the frame side (there's a printable one for the Mini Stealthburner).

Also, there's a mini hat for the Pi, that seems to breakout :

- 5V power
- SPI (integrated ADXL)
- serial (BTT SKR Pico)

This thing is undocumented...

The SPI cable is a tiny ribon cable.

AFAIK, ribon cables are not made to be quickly moved around, and the Molex connector with no strain relief on the frame side is probably not a great idea. Of course, I'm thinking of that after the frame was assembled (no preloaded nuts where they could be usefull !)

Is the reverse Bowden the strain relief ? Are there known mechanical issues with the LDO Picobilical ? (I know there was software ones with Pi 4 + SPI + ADXL , and as I'm using a Pi 4, I will probably break out a pair of USB ports and use my external Pico. Keystone adapters (USB and RJ45) will be my friends.

LDO kits are nice. But their documentation is a mess ! The information is all over the place, some 404 on their website), and doesn't even match the current Voron guide. Looks like it refers to commit 298d5a6




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Here's the LDO wiring guide: https://docs.ldomotors.com/en/voron/voron02/wiring_guide_rev_a

Note this:



  • Note the labelled ADXL port - this port is used for input shaping but should be left unplugged except for when you need to perform input shaper tuning.


I haven't gotten to the wiring part quite yet, but so far the docs have been ok. It is a bit scattered so takes some extra time digging through their site.

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I know this guide and I hate it ! Fritzing-like schematics are the plague.

Moreover, it does't match the kit I received.

Here's the mini hat/shield/cape that came with the kit. At first glance it breaks out : SPI for the ADXL using a ribon cable (same connector on the toolhead PCB), 5V power input (from the picobilical, populated with a beefier step-down MOSFET than the SKR Pico one), Serial Rx/Tx (I havn't been using USB for years, serial only, Klipper or Octoprint. I'm happy with this breakout board, this time won't have to make my own !)

(yes I know, the ferules have to be trimed, and the JST has to be re-crimped : it's a old salvaged shielded audio cable for cable management previsualization)

Will probably make a strain relief : just a new top panel to design and print.

(also modding other things, reason why this build takes a lot of time !)

/!\ [WARNING] the PCB on the GPIO is flipped 180° ; POWER SHOULD COME FROM THE TOP (of course...) /!\




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