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FDC - Non-linear frame deformation compensation 2.1


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mvdveer Great find!  Been looking for something like this as the next step for improving first layer bed attach.

The "This" link is broken for me and points back to this teamfdm post.  I think we want:  https://github.com/JiMcNulty/FDC

If we're building these big Voron 350x350's, I have large projects where my first layer print time approaches an hour.  There are benefits to slowing the first layer to where I'm only printing 5-ish mm^3/sec.  Heat soaking for 15 minutes to a chamber temp of 40C is not good enough; the printer continues to expand and bed meshes change in the subsequent 60 minutes.  With a 110C bed, I'm seeing chamber temp stabilize at 63C an hour later. Without FW compensation like this, I need to heat soak for 1.5 hours.

Looking forward to trying this!


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Can someone help me I have installed this plugin
I ran the script and the CMD said:

enable: 1 (enabled)
temp_coeff: 0.000000 mm/degC
ref_temp: 45.34 degC
Current Z temp: 45.11 degC
Applied Z adjustment: 0.0000mm

I then copied the created file and inserted all the mesh data into the Printer.cfg below
I just don't know what exactly I have to change in the FDC.cfg and which data should go here
I also replaced the bed_mesh.py file
The meshes are also loaded but an error message appears
gcode_macro _Z_HEIGHT_ADJUST:gcode: jinja2.exceptions.UndefinedError: dict-object has no element 30.4 or other numbers
The bed mesh settings look like this

#mesh_min: 20, 20
#mesh_max: 310,310
speed: 500
horizontal_move_z: 5
mesh_min: 30.30
mesh_max: 320,320
probe_count: 7.7
algorithm: bicubic
fade_end: 0

Can someone give me a tip?




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