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Klipper update (v0.11.0-266 - g261efdd8) and Octopus Canbus SB2040 (Latest Aug 2023 Update)


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This update will require you to refresh your octopus board with the new bootloader firmware, now called katapult. (formerly known as Canboot)  From what I could gather, this is necessary to sync can2040 with the latest klipper update.

This update also requires you to refresh the firmware on the controller boards, both the Octopus v1.1 board and the canbus board. (In my case sb2040). 

I updated klipper and got the error "cannot connect to mcu", due to firmware incompatibility. Meaning the mcc's on the octopus and SB2040 had to be refreshed with the latest klipper firmware. This happens about once a year - give or take.

Although the complete update only took 20min, it was a pain, as I had to access the electronics bay in order to put the octopus in dfu mode to flash with katapult and to connect the SB2040 to the pi and boot it in dfu mode to flash the katapult bootloader. (I used the guide from akhamar to reflash) Just remember to change all references in the guide from Canboot to katapult. I actually deleted the Canboot directory altogether. (sudo rm -r ~/Canboot)

Restarted the firmware and klipper was happy, and so was I. 

After doing the update, I sliced a print, completed it without an issue, turned off the printer and thought I was good to go, until this morning. 

When restarting the printer I got a BIG RED box with an error stating that "serial needs to be specified in mcu"

Strange as I am using canbus and no serial. When I opened the printer.cfg file, it was EMPTY - no code. Deleted the empty printer.cfg file. Had a backup from 3 days ago which I renamed to printer.cfg and printer started up without a complaint. Rebooted and all was good.

Ahh the joys.....

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That has been happening to me on and off for a month or so on one of my V2s. I'll start the printer, open Mainsail, and get an error, only to find printer.cfg empty. It has also been missing my presets from time to time. That's more of a pain, as I have to type them all back in. I have a folder for each printer with cfg backups, so I just re-upload the printer.cfg, and I'm back to normal. I'm sure it'll happen again until I figure out why, but it's only been 3-4 times over the last month and I use it almost daily.

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@MVDVEER, just ran this update and the others that were due and did not have to reload firmware or modify printer.cfg. Reading the documentation on the update, it seems to run into difficulties with the SKR 3 MCUs. I’m running an Octopus 1.0 (429) board and a BTT EBB SB2240 CANbus head. So far so good…but…as always, 🤞.

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