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Hello from East Tennessee


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Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I am Chris, from the Knoxville, TN area. I have always wanted to play with 3d printing... once I got my first about a year ago, I have been bit by that bug... My wife calls it a fixation, I call it a useful hobby. 

I started out in FDM with a Creality Ender 3 S1, and quickly started upgrading it... linear rails, moved the CR-Touch, etc.. Since then, I have picked up a used Anycubic Kobra Max, super reliable so far, but somewhat slow. I then got the TronXY kit, but have been screwing with it and tweaking to get it to print reliably since I bought it.. 

Net, net.. that brought me to starting on a 3d Printed Voron 2.4R2-300. Once it is done, I am going to turn the TronXY into basically a VZ-Bot but with a slightly different Z axis config. What I really need help with is someone talking me out of taking that 400mm x 400mm Anycubic and turning it into a CoreXY.... I have the parts LOL 🙂

I am still learning, so I look forward to digging around the forums and hopefully finding others I can help as I grow.

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Welcome to the forum . Happy to have you aboard. I certainly can help with your Tronxy conversion, as I have done one to a VZBot (Currently have the printer disassembled as I am doing a 4WD upgrade on it.


Will post a build diary once I start - first have to finish the micron build.  

I am sure somebody here will be able to help with the Anycubic conversion. 

Please consider a build diary - we all will love that.

Looking forward to following your journey.

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Thought I would share where I am with the Voron... Yesterday was stepper testing, verifying all electronics are working. Steppers - Check, Canbus and umbilical - check, Hotend (heater, thermistor) - check, fans - check, Hotbed - Thermistor-check, heater- fail.... Gotta figure out why the bed isn't heating, so YAY! Go play with a SSR for a bit. 

Thanks for the welcome and this site is great! The last two decisions/challenges have been quickly solved by reading posts on this forum. 




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