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Salutations from Miami, Florida


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Hello TeamFDM,

I've been lurking for a while, was told about this forum by my buddy pentra8tor.

He gifted me his old Tevo Tornado after upgrading, I ran it until the extruder wore out and then he helped me upgrade it.

I introduce you to the Vornado Mk.I

Afterburner is running a Dragon HF and 65watt heater, upgraded to klipper, TMC2209s, upgraded PSU with a meanwell, replaced burned out heater pad with 750watt one.  

Grabbed what I could find on the nets to remix into a standalone printer. 

You can see my wrapping up the largest print i've done to date, at 485 grams it is the "Core" for my next build; MPCNC Lowrider v3. 




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