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From Ender 3 to Voron V0.2 Fysetc kit build


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I started building my 1st Voron & loving every minute of it even when I am still going at 1am 😉

I got my 1st printer, Ender 3 V2 last year & within a couple of months I had already bought the ABS to print the parts for a Voron. But time & cost (and the more sensible wife) would not allow. It took about a year of mentioning & dropping hints when finally found a good deal on a Fysetc kit for a V0.2 😊

I bought it while on holidays & it arrived the same day I got home, brilliant, but I didn’t have any parts printed for it ☹ & I had never printed ABS before, even though I has the spools for over a year now.

I finally enclosed my Ender 3 in an Ikea Lack, put in a small 800W desk heater & thermostat & a nevermore carbon filter (so glad I did this as it sits behind me in my very small home office).

I am still printing out some of the parts while building the printer but only the panel clips to re-print again now as I printed the VHB clips but it turns out I didn’t want those ones so standard ones in progress now.


This is my Ender 3 setup currently printing the panel clips, again.



The Voron V0 is coming along nicely with the main frame done but I know I will have to reprint some parts with better tolerances later on. I will probably do this on the Voron when it is all up & running.




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