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Trouble with Voron 0.2 build with the electronics breakout board + motor panel



Hi - I am hoping someone has some insight here for me. I'm building a new Voron 0.2 and it included:

- PCB breakout boards for the toolhead wiring
- ACM panels including the motor panel (small rectangle with odd-shaped oval cutouts in the middle)

No matter how I orient these pieces I can't figure out how to get it all together. I'm assuming that I have to install the motor panel with the square opening facing the front of the printer (it shows some accent piece that gets installed on the 15mm frame).

I *think* the breakout board fits INTO the slot in the 15mm extrusion but I'm not completely sure. When I do that it seems like I will need to use washer or something to add space between the panel and the PCB since there's a gap between the motor panel (attached to the A/B motor parts) and the PCB when it's in the 15mm slot.

Or if I rotate the PCB 180 degrees, then it doesn't seem like it needs to go into the slot but then the motor panel holes don't line up properly.

Anyway, it's hard to describe but I was hoping someone had a diagram or can supply some photos of how they did it since I can't seem to find anything online. Attached is a photo of what the breakout boards look like.

Maybe I need to print a custom motor panel, or make one to fit my needs but I'm not sure I want to do that yet.




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Yup, that model fixed everything for me. It moves the slot to the back of the printer, and also puts the mounting holes in the right location so everything goes together properly. As a bonus there is space for the electronics pins that are sticking through the PCB after soldering, so that's nice as well.

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