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Recommended filaments/settings for Trident/V1.8


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Hey Folks!

Other than ABS, what materials seem to work best on your machine? I've tried PLA with wild swings in quality depending on brand, and PETG which is seems to be generally mediocre BUT doesn't fail as option

From my observations:

  • Inland PLA: Generally good print quality, but warps on bigger parts (220 70)
  • Inland PETG: Arguably the best I've seen from PETG, some light stringing, nothing too bad though (235 80)
  • Overture PETG: Slightly worse than Inland, horribly wound, bed adhesion issues (235 80)
  • Jessie PLA: Just trying now for the first time, but EXTREME warping at overhangs (210 70)
  • Jessie PETG: Prints awful, will consistently clog nozzle, significant warping (245 80)
  • Inland ABS: wonderful when it sticks to the bed, still kinda fussy (245 90)

I guess my question is: have YOU used these filaments with no problem? If so what settings? Are there better options for PLA or PETG that might work even better?

Machine specs for us nerds:

  • Voron V1.8 with original Afterburner
  • Dragon hotend
  • 12VDC bed with Energetic textured build plate (will eventually replace with Mandala plate)
  • Duet2 Maestro
  • Cura 4.10

Any obvious red flags on the setup would also be helpful. There's obviously a lot of variables at play here but any advice would be helpful


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Dang, didn't notice this was so old, my bad. I'll keep this up since I typed so much though. And none of these links are my addition, the site seems to want money really bad so it is inserting links on its own. Weird, and inappropriate. But I can reword it to confuse the capitalist pig.


I stick mostly to ABS as I print for function, and for my other printers; a zombie army ready to print the demise. But I print PLA as well, since I have hundreds (it seems) of spools lying around.


Inland is Polymaker

Inland - seems to be the same as Polymaker right now. It prints excellent at very low temps. Right now I have a spool of dark grey and purple that I have printed down to 200, and it looks like I can go lower, but I think I'm not going to dip below 225. It is way too soft, corners (sharp corners greater than 90 with some overhang, curls like crazy, dropping speeds to prevent it, but...)

Polymaker - same exact as above. ASA is the same.

Keene Valley Plastics - Yellow sucks on all of my beds, black, natural are good on my Vzeroes, at least the bed. Prusa bed they don't like. With age it is like spreading peanut butter on top of peanut butter, it won't stick and looks super-oily. For the price they are NOW charging, I'll avoid. When it works though, it works. But not at 35 bucks, it won't.

Fusion - great colors, rubbery ABS, but decent.

Paramount_3D - excellent range of colors, rubbery ABS, but decent. Sometimes I get first layer adhesion issues on the ASA.

MG Chemicals has some hard to find stuff, prints good, might wear out over time (not the plastic, just the effects).

For PLA I can say these are not good.

Matterhackers - sorry, this is the worst PLA I have ever used.

Warhorse - dirty filament, chunks of dirt, but it's black so you won't know...

Some I can recommend:

Sunlu - good, slightly rubbery at temp, but prints fine. I have a ton of it.

Whatever brand they use at that bulk PLA place in Miami - the printer supply folks...let me find it...dang, can't find it. But they sell like 20-30 rolls at huge discounts. I've bought a few times from them, they are decent. The PLA is generic marked, at least I could never find a maker on the rolls I got.

There are tons of PLA I've used and forgotten about.

I could go on, but if you have a microcenter around, they contract out so that Inland, AS OF TODAY, is made by Polymaker. Same colors, same temps, same cardboard rolls.

Sainsmart is decent, but like the rest, they are, I think, farming out that stuff. I've used some Hatchbox as well, don't so much now. But I've got my printers pretty dialed in for the brands I use so far.


Vorons: 2.4 x 2, V0 x 5, Trident, Switchwire

VzBot: 1 being built, 4 other TronXYs waiting for conversion

Rat Rig: 500

Resin printers (2), belt printers (CR-30 and Infi-20), CR-10 (being converted to a 'wire), Tevo Tornado (being converted to a 'wire), Sovol SV01 and SV07Pro, Sunlu S8, I'm sure I'm forgetting something like my laser cutter and cnc shit...

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In the past, I've generally stuck with the high-end to medium priced filaments running under the assumption that you get what you pay for. Lately I've been adding a few of the more cost effective brands.

The better brands I use are...

Prusament (ASA, PLA), Polymaker (ASA, PLA, TPU), Hatchbox (PLA)

I don't really need to review these brands as I've had good results with everything they make.

The lesser brands I've tried...

Overture (PLA, ABS). I really like this brand. Everything I've tried from them works just as well as any of the higher brands.

Sunlu (PLA) Prints fine, no complaints.

Amolen (Silk PLA) You need to pay attention to the speed and temp that you print but, you can print with it.

Eryone (PLA) the roll I tried was red/blue co-extruded and this filament was clog city. I tried a number of times thinking I'd finally be able to score a win but, nope... never happened. Tossed it in the bin.


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For anyone in Canada give Matter3D filament a try I've tried their with great results:

  • Performance ABS in various colours - print at 240C 105C with hairspray great adhesion and awesome print quality
  • Performance ABS Carbon Fiber - same as above
  • Going to try their PLA once I've used up my Esun PLA spools
  • They'll be coming out with ASA in various colours




  • Polymaker ASA
  • Polymaker PLA LW - this is a little tricky one to setup and print
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I usually only buy Esun filaments, since they are relatively cheap in Europe and usually good quality.

Esun PLA+

Esun ABS

Esun PA-CF

all print fine.

For ASA materials, I usually go with Extrudr Durapro ASA.

For really strong technical prints Polymaker PA6-CF.


This is Esun PA-CF after really good drying, really good stuff for 45€ per kg:


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