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Demosth's Introduction


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My name is Demosth's; I am husband, a father of 3, a Web Developer by trade 3D printing enthusiast.  My First Printer was an ANET A8 that I have tuned and continuously modified over many years. Currently, it is an "AM8" 2040 extrusion frame) the only thing that is original or not a printed part might be the actual aluminum bed and heater. I also have dipped my toe into SLA printing, but prefer FDM everyday!

My daily driver is a Dremel3D45, which is ok but too inconsistent and too hard to tweak and weak support for third-party slicers. This lead me to a search for a new DIY printer and Voron Design's community; excellent documentation fueled my desire for the ultimate DIY printer for the designed tinkerer at heart.

I am the creator of "TeamFDM," and I started this community with the hope of making the process of getting into the excellent Voron community a bit easier for complete newbies in a format that not only cultivates community but is easily indexable by Google, or those that prefer the longer threaded format of traditional forums over Discord or Reddit.

I look forward to watching the community grow and hope to be an inspiration to others looking to build their first Voron and encourage both new and veteran Voron users to join us for the ride!

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This is not my design, rather included in the VoronUsers repo.  The AB-BN is by "BadNoob". I have included it on the site to give greater visibility for those who may not use Discord, or Github.  I would be more than glad to find more data bout the file as it is great ( I have printed it but my machine is not yet fully built for a demo.)

What specifically are you looking for, a video assembly guide?


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I was looking design tutorials on how was the AB BN designed. Like Fusion 360 Lectures and such stuff - I 3D printed it already but I am in need to modify it for a volcano Hot end. 

Thanks for replying. I aleady did a hack up job of modifying it in Blender but it does not look like is part of the design. it was a quick and dirty hack job. 

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