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RPI 3b question, just to be sure


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I'm using RPI 3b on my Trident 350 with octopus and Canbus but I'm getting time out errors during mesh probing. Just to eliminate one possible source, the RPI 3b is sufficient for this set up or should I upgrade to a 4/8GB ?

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55 minutes ago, claudermilk said:

While I'm staying safely distant from Cantbus, I recall seeing timing errors mentioned on that. Changing some setting from 500000 to 1000000 has been reported to fix it. Would that be the issue?

Yeah, could be, I'll have to try. there seem to be a thousand possible sources for this error.

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52 minutes ago, PFarm said:

RPI3B is adequate things to check is making sure 120-ohm jumper are in place and you have 60 ohms across the Hi/Low Canbus connection.

I do have 60 ohms across the hi/low wires. Someone mentioned trying to twist the wires as well to rule out interference. Afraid though that would make my wires too short.

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