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Looking for Help to Set Up KlipperScreen on an Amazon Fire Tablet


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I'm reaching out to the community today to see if anyone has experience or would be interested in setting up KlipperScreen on an Amazon Fire tablet.

As many of you may know, Amazon's Prime Day is just around the corner, and they usually have some fantastic deals on their Fire tablets. This could be an excellent opportunity for us to explore the potential of these devices as a cost-effective, dedicated interface for our 3D printers.


KlipperScreen, for those who might not be familiar, is a touchscreen interface for Klipper, a high-performance firmware for 3D printers. It's a fantastic tool, but it's typically set up on Raspberry Pi devices. I'm curious to see if we can get it running on a Fire tablet, which could offer a larger, more user-friendly interface at a very reasonable price.

If anyone has already done this or is willing to give it a try during the Prime Day sale, I'd love to hear from you. I'm sure many in the community would benefit from your experience. We could even turn this into a community project, sharing our progress and troubleshooting any issues together.

Even if you don't have the technical skills to do this yourself but are interested in the idea, please chime in. The more interest we can generate, the more likely we are to find someone with the necessary skills who's willing to take on the challenge.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas!



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  • Would have loved to try this and help, but the cost of the fire tablet8 here in Australia, even with the sale is AU$140 - just too much to spend on an alpha project. Will be interested to see the results and hope someone will rise to the challenge. 
  • It has been done before - found this, if you are interested as you tweaked my interest.


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