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Still can't get my TAP with Can to work.


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Set up : Octopus v1, SB2040 v2, Optotap v1. Canboot and Canbus installed, no errors.

I first had the Optotap v2.4.1 connected to gpio25, gnd on the front connector and 5V from the endstop connector on the SB2040. I had soldered the solder bridge on the Optotap for 5V.

The leds on the octotap worked but ENDSTOP_QUERY did not report a working endstop.

I then aquired a octotap v1, connected it the same way : no leds and no z endstop. Connecting all the wires to the 5V endstop connector and gpio28 : no endstop.

I'm out of ideas, what could the issue be ?

Decided to test Optotap with external power supply : LED llt up red when I interrupted the op0tical switch. Isn't it supposed to turn blue when it's not triggered ?


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9 hours ago, mbunjes said:

BTW the Optotap v1 did not work.

Just installed a SB2040 Canbus on the Sitchwire revival build, (Octopus v1.1 with CanBoot).

Converted to TAP and used the V1 Optotap PCB, connected to 5V port (gpio28) - no issues at all - worked first time.


No soldering, no bridging. As I understand it, the Optotap v1 had no issues when connected to 5V, only to 24V. My experience in 4 installs now. 

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11 hours ago, mbunjes said:

Is this working on the Switchwire or do you have a y axis conversion that makes the bed more rigid ?

Had to make the bed more rigid by adding two additional Y-Rails. TAP is working with very low variances in the corners.


As time is a factor, I have not yet fully tested, just some quick preliminary tests.

Will keep you updated.

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18 hours ago, mbunjes said:

Does this still use the Prusa Y axis carriage ?

The build I am doing it does. Have seen variations on discord where 4-6mm alumnus plates have been used. @Penatr8tor suggested stiffening the corners of the bed, which I will do with a solid square aluminium, replacing the spacers.

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