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Hello fellow 3D peeps


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Hello to another great Voron community group.  My Name is Steve and I have been 3d printing since 2014.  I am in southwestern CT and have worked in the IT industry for about 24yrs.  I am a pretty nerdy guy, with 3D printing / Drones and DYI as my favorite hobbies although I am a car guy also and love the outdoors.  I started with a Robo3d R1, built a UM2 clone (Loved it with multi-filament) then purchased a Robo R2.  I ended up selling my UM2 clone and wanted to build another...  that is when I discovered Voron and started reading and watching Nero and then it was on.  I completed my Voron 2.4 (no kit) last January and received my V2.1050 Serial.  Since then, I have used different HE's, added the klicky, upgraded to the orbiter, added an ADXL345 mount and permanent connection in the skirting.  I think the best thing I did was to ditch the doors and go with a single piece of plexi with 1" magnet strip as the securing mechanism.  I am currently finishing a Stealth burner (all printed in ASA) and plan to rebuild next weekend to relocate all wiring and electronics to the top, do the 12mgn mod on the X and install the Nevermore filter I just finished.  After that I have a bunch of jobs to get completed in ASA, hence the nevermore.

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Awesome to have another fellow "Nerd" join the community. I think you are probably in good company overall 😄 

Looking forward to hearing more feedback from you as you are pretty experienced. I would love to see some tutorial posts or how-tos and general feedback on topics as the arise.

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