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After last update, "Deprecated Klipper Option" message?


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Not a big issue I think.

Uncomment the "relative_reference_index" in the [bed-mesh] section of the printer.cfg   Explanation of the function here. (See comment from Arksine)

The message means Klipper no longer needs /requires/uses this parameter. The code no longer supports this function.

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It's not gone, it's just been generalized and replaced with zero_reference_position. It's now an arbitrary x, y position rather than one of the bed mesh grid points.

#   An optional X,Y coordinate that specifies the location on the bed
#   where Z = 0.  When this option is specified the mesh will be offset
#   so that zero Z adjustment occurs at this location.  The default is
#   no zero reference.
#   **DEPRECATED, use the "zero_reference_position" option**
#   The legacy option superceded by the "zero reference position".
#   Rather than a coordinate this option takes an integer "index" that
#   refers to the location of one of the generated points. It is recommended
#   to use the "zero_reference_position" instead of this option for new
#   configurations. The default is no relative reference index.


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