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I got a bug up my butt to do another 3D printed project that isn't another printer mod. I found the Orbion Space Mouse (print files here) and that looked like a fun challenge. It became more of a challenge than anticipated and the top comment at Printables is bluntly, painfully accurate. The design leaves a bit to be desired--it feels about 3/4 baked and still needs some fine-tuning.

So the printed parts came out well though I had to use some brims to try to stop warping since I chose to print in ABS. Assembly turned out to be a challenge. As the mentioned comment said, nearly every part needed rework to make the electronic components fit and I still need to make some tweaks. I think I got spoiled with how well the Voron team dials in their files before releasing them.

The wiring...OMG. That was a challenge and a half. I've never tackled an electronics project like this before and it took me time and some rework to get it all together. Plus the fun of cramming 7lbs of wires into a 5lb box. I got it done though, so I'm pleased that I pulled it off.

It does work, so I'll play with it and see if I can retrain my hands while working in Fusion. I also think it might come in handy doing editing in Davinci Resolve.


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Oh, I took a few progress pics. I got eyeball-deep into getting the wiring soldered up I forgot most of the time. THen my hands were full trying to cram it all into the body there were no pics.


All the parts.


Wiring up the back switches. Getting the ground jumpers on the middle one sucked--it got enough heat to shift the spade, but it appears to work, so good enough.


Wiring up the NeoPixels. These were leftovers from the Trident case lighting project and happened to be the exact right type for the Orbion design.

I put some Gorilla epoxy on the joystick part to hold the top on better and left it overnight; now the top seems to be securely attached. No, I don't plan to need to open this thing up again. That would be much like the old snake in a can prank and I don't want to do that...

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Now I don't know how someone like me with fumble fat fingers will go.

See the omnifixo at work - what a great little tool. 

7 hours ago, claudermilk said:

Getting the ground jumpers on the middle one sucked

Mmmmh - Retrospectoscope - soldering those middle jumper prior to installing the switch, and feeding the wires through, may be easier. Ain't hindsight a good thing 😄

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I daisy-chained the grounds, so there was no avoiding that PITA. It was the second wire that was difficult. I also needed to use the unmolested spades to screw the suckers in.

That Omnifixo seems really expensive, but after using it a couple of times--especially on a challenging project like this and you suddenly don't mind the initial cost any more. It beats out the old common alligator clip ones of any flavor so comprehensively I cannot imagine willingly going back.

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