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HeY hEy HeY, from central Georgia


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 Hi everyone! I've been a lurker of the TEAM for over a year now, finally took the time to join.  First, WOW, what a resource and awesome collaboration!  So far I own 3 printers, including my new V2r2.  The other two are I-3 types, one CR6-SE and the other a Longer LK4 (ender 3 clone). I got started with the LK4 last March after buying it from my friends daughter who owned it for just over a year herself.  It needed a lot of TLC and offered me the opportunity to learn maintenance and adjustments right away and very much hands on.  Around June of last year I started the V2 by buying the extrusions and hardware from West3D.  Since then, its been buy parts (mainly W3D and Fabreeko) and build when time allowed. As of about 3 weeks ago I have an operational V2 with SB running CanBus and sensorless homing.... Mind you, 16 months ago I didn't know anything about GCode, Python, Rasberry Pi (or any SBCs), what a slicer is or does.  As many of you, I got the fever and really enjoy all aspects so far.... some more than others.

     I find it mind-blowing and amazed daily that I was able to cobble this machine together, with lots of assistance from people like you and the Discord, and it is capable of what it does... AND MORE as I work to fine tune it.  I have a lot of fine tuning to do!  I will be submitting my serial request very soon, but first trying to finish things like the panel and door parts.

  Thanks for all the hardwork and contributions by those work so diligently behind the scenes!

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Welcome to the forum!

I know where you're coming from. I still look at my Trident a year-and-a-half later and am amazed that I was able to put it together and make it work. Much less how awesome it works. The Voron community is terrific.

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