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PT1000 with BTT Manta MP8




Anyone have a BTT Manta M8P using a Phaetus Rapido with PT1000 by any chance?  I have an ADC failure and firmware shutdown with my PT1000 on T0 with resistance jumper set like the instructions says, and CFG set to PT1000 in Klipper.  The RTD reads 1068 ohms at room temp which is about right.  I think I need to change my max temp range in the cfg to a higher number to be able to see what the value is actually displaying and not get the out of range shutdown.  If I put the cfg at generic 3950 with the jumper, the PT1000 reads 136C and all the others temps are fine.  Just wondering if there’s anything else I am missing.  

i think I forgot to say the resistance in the cfg which is default to 4.7k but should be 2.2k so I’ll try this tonight.  IMG_6287.jpeg.a10144f0a826d335455ec81398263e80.jpeg

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In the extruder firmware setting, you can add resistance for the temp sensor and the PT1000 needs to see 2200ohms instead of the default 4700.  My post auto corrected to didn’t instead of did.  Also make sure the jumper on the board is set to pt1000


https://github.com/bigtreetech/Manta-M8P/blob/master/BIGTREETECH MANTA M8P V1.0%26V1.1 User Manual.pdfIMG_6513.thumb.png.26dacf10064014dc1f36ecdba66fcd33.png

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