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Hello from France


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I'm Guillaume and I planned to build a voron 2.4 r2 300mm with a stealthburner, tap, and canbus toolhead. I hope I'm not too greedy, I know it's better to build a stock version first and upgrade it next, but I don't want to dismantle and disconnect and remove most of the cables once the machine is good.

I'm not on my fisrt 3D printer build, I had some kits, and one entierely designed and built myself, maybe it will help.

For now, I have ordered most of the parts, and I begin printing the printed parts on my ultimaker S3.

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Welcome to the forum. Don't think it is too ambitious. There are more than a few guides on how to do this and having build a Voron 2.4 350mm and a Trident with Canbus, this certainly can be done. Shout out if you need any help, there are plenty of helpful folk around.

I believe doing the mods in the original build is much easier than doing them later. I want to convert my first Voron to Canbus, but am not looking forward to disassembling the machine. That's why I am procrastinating on this.

Welcome again and good luck with the build. Please let us follow along by posting a build diary

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Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you have plenty of experience to carry you through that build. Stealthburner and Tap are easy IMHO--I built my Trident with Stealthburner from the start and that was my first Voron build. I found Tap to be pretty easy as well despite it being considered an advanced mod. Canbus I've kept well away from as that seems to still be fraught with difficulties.

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Salut Guillaume. Si t'as déjà conçu ta propre imprimante, la Voron va être très facile pour toi.

As I said, If you designed a custom printer, the Voron should be a breeze. I'd love to see a picture of that!

Cheers from French Canadia

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