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BTT EBB SB2240 Directly Connected to Octopus Pro F429 Board - How To Get It To Talk???

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So, I'm on my 4th Voron 2.4 build and am going CANbus this time around. I have the new BTT EBB SB2240 on the StealthBurner and have been trying to follow multiple guides to establish CANbus comms. The SB2240 is plugged directly into the Octopus Pro's CANbus jack using a factory crimped RJ-11 connector. Trying to wrap my head around just what is needed to flash everything correctly. Is CANboot a necessity, or can it be done differently. Dazed and confused is an understatement at this point.


All help appreciated!!!

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1 hour ago, Todd said:

Is CANboot a necessity, or can it be done differently

Canboot is not essential. Cannot replaces the need to flash the SB2240 with USB.

You can flash and update the SB2240 via the USB cable.

Canboot eliminates the cable and if you ever need to update the SB2240, you can do it via canboot, without having to run a USB cable between the devices.

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