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PET Carbon Fiber Build Plate


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I was on Facebook the other day and someone shared this image of their SB front shroud and the pattern from the build plate caught my eye...



As I read thru the replies, someone asked where he got his build plate. Turns out it was AliExpress. I bought a couple 310x310 sheets to see how things look with the CF texture. Has anyone tried one of these build plates? If so, what's your experience?


Pei Magnetic Build Plate 235 | Ender 3 Magnetic Bed Upgrade - Spring Steel Sheet - Aliexpress


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I have a 300mm from chowthink, came in a set of two with other being regular powdercoated pei, both double sided.

At the time, around xmas, that set was regularly discounted to 30 or so on amazon .  bought for the pei but figured was worth trying the pet cf basically for free. it works, though i haven't used it with ABS that i can recall - its max temp is something like 80.  But I've used it with PLA/Petg.  as with any smooth surface, your first layer squish quality is going to be very evident.  Textured pei hides some sins there, and seeing infill lines bugs me aesthetically  I wouldn't be happy with your example pic for instance.  but it's a very good set, had a buddy buy another one for the cr10->sw conversion i did for him, and that's been solid too.

I've used a couple dozen spring steel surfaces across a half dozen printers including my v0, switchwire, and v2.  From $10 no name amazon sheets to the vaunted "energetic" (which I feel are overrated, they degrade quickly).  By far the best I've used is an LDO textured on the switchwire.  Sticks well, and is very resistant to damage and degradation.  If Amazon still had the 300mm in stock I'd buy one and demote the chowthink to backup on the v2.


Last thought is, when all else fails , pull out the Elmer's purple glue sticks.  I resisted that method for two years. Figured glue or hairspray or slurry or anything was cheating and meant something was inherently wrong with my build or tuning.  Nah.  Elmers absolutely saved my v0 in terms or usefulness.  I had gone through 5 or 6 sheets on the v0 alone trying to find something that would stick- even pla was troublesome - and this is with 0.05 flatness and zeroclick mesh. After a coating of purple not only does it stick reliably, garbage filaments I thought were completely useless became just as good as expensive filament. Tronxy ABS? Sure, why not.  I don't even have to clean it, and only reapply some every couple dozen prints.  Now the v0 is my go to. the SW and V2 didn't have the lifting issues nearly as much, only showing up with a difficult part like a large box, or a unibody v0.1 hat.  But where in the oast i had to use large brims to tame those parts, elmers lets me skip the brim entirely and print any shape that takes my fancy.  My custom v2 skirts would never have printed without it. 

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@fanplastics As someone who's built 4 printers... I agree with everything you've said and have personally walked the walk numerous times over my 10+ year 3D printing journey. The image of the SB is one that I grabbed off of Facebook, I have no idea who printed this part other than I liked the texture. I really was just looking for anyone that had experience and I'm happy that you did and let me know that it's not junk. I appreciate that. 👍 Thanks for the advice. I've had some pretty good luck with naked PEI sheets so far. I haven't needed purple Elmer's even though I have a box with a dozen or so sticks, just in case LOL.

@Razor1666 Dude... I bought one off of Amazon to tide me over until the ones I bought from overseas gets here. It should be here this afternoon and I'll try a few prints and post up my findings. 👍 Hoping I get a really cool texture. ...and that parts stick LOL.

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Here are my results and initial thoughts...

It looks really nice. @fanplastics The one I got from Amazon is a Chowthink as you had mentioned. I paid $30 on Amazon, it came with a self-adhesive magnet sheet, one double sided CF spring steel sheet and also one double sided textured spring steel sheet. So overall I'd say the Amazon purchase was a good value. It also came with a couple red silicone covers for the tab that you affix with supplied double sided tape.


At first I had a few sticking problems but, a good wash with soap and water and a wipe with alcohol and after a couple prints and a little z-offset adjustments, I got good adhesion and an excellent 1st layer.


Finished print on the bed, I ran it a little bit hot 210 nozzle and 70 bed. 1st layer speed was 30mm/s, 150 inside and 100 outside.


And here's the final result. Filament I used a CF filled PLA from Ziro filaments. Printed at .2mm layer height with a .4mm Diamondback nozzle.


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1 hour ago, mvdveer said:

I think I lie the look! Great prints. Will I, Will I not, Will I.......

Thanks, I'm very impressed. I think the takeaway, for me anyways, is... It's good to have options that go beyond just smooth and textured. With the box print, I think I hit a lucky combo with a CF texture on CF filament. From a practical standpoint, If I need something to have a smooth surface, I would go with the CF texture.

There's also another textured sheet they're calling PEO Sheet. It has a frost crystal like appearance. Maybe I'll give one of those a try.


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Oooooo.....unfortunately the Amazon ones are the wrong size for my printer. Looking on Ali, they have ones for the Bambu which is close enough. Heck, it's a Trident 250 knock-off, so plates for it ought to fit my real Trident 250. 😜

Ran across this one, I think I'll try it: Ali  (you know you want to @mvdveer)

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