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enderwire conversion homing issues!!

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Just got done with building the enderwire. I'm having an issue with homing. I can get X, Y to home correctly, but when i go to home Z i get Endstop z still triggered after retract. I'm running Klicky with a servo to deploy the dock and attach. I can home z if i manually attach the probe, but if I have it in the dock and hit home all or z i get this error.


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I'm having the exact same issue on my enderwire conversion, everything works as intended doing it manually, but if I G28 when the probe isn't attached, gives above error.

Endstop states are the exact same as my 2.4r2 (show triggered prior to homing with klicky not attached), yet it will fetch the probe prior to homing Z.

Can't discern as to why the enderwire won't do the same, any insight would be greatly appreciated.  Attached config files if helpful.


Edit: literally moments after i posted this, I saw my error, forgot about the homing override section I added when using the inductive probe, problem solve, disregard


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found my error
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