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Multiple cameras?


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24 minutes ago, Pappy3831 said:

Anybody have more than one camera on their printer?  I have a raspberry pi camera and I’m thinking of getting a Logitech camera. Can I have both cameras hooked up to the rp and select either view using mainsail?  Just wondering cause if I’m able to I’d like to have the pi-cam at bed level and the Logitech at the top of the frame. 


I'm using two Logitech C270s.  One mounted high, above the doors and the other is upside down, under the rear of the gantry.

You can select one or the other in mainsail,  or view both at the same time in a thumbnail type of view.


Like this:


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Bummer. Right now I have to complete my build and get the wiring finished up so I can see if the software works. And the printer. Still have all the tookhead to hook up as well as the x and y motors and endstops.  And I’m waiting for parts for the cw2, stealthburner and can bud upgrades. 

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