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SB2040 impossible connection

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On the SB2040 v2 the 24V connector is so close to the 8 pin connector that when a connector is plugged in the Stealthburner can't be fitted anymore. I'm forced to use the 5V connector instead.
I just received my tap-pcb v2.4.1. Am I correct in assuming I'll have to solder two of the tabs together to get either 24 or 5V ?



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I just connected mine to the connection that you indicated with 5V and it works on all three SB2040 installations. (The Green ENDSTOP connector)

Has been working flawlessly. 

pin: sb2040:gpio28


The front connector is too close to the stealthburner to allow a connection as you earlier indicated.

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That is strange. There's a warning about this connector (gpio28) not having a diode that gpio25 has so it could fry your board when connecting a TAP. Did you bridge the left and middle pads together on the optotap (in the first picture) ?

Screenshot - 06-Jun-23 , 06_18_53.jpg

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No, I did not - I have the 5V Optotap boards which connected to this input.

 When I switched to the chaotic labs TAP, I connected it directly to this connector without a problem.

All 3 machines running well with this setup. (2 x Choaticlabs, 1 x Standard v1 TAP) SB2040 not fried.

May be an issue with the 24V boards though. (I know the early 24V boards had issues and I cannot say whether they have been fixed or not). But if there is a warning, you would be better to use gpio25 pin as a safety precaution.

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Thanks, I'm still unclear about the solder bridge on the 2.4.1 Optotap board. I can't find any information about it. It says on the board confusingly : cut trace to change but there's nothing to cut, only to solder. I wish somebody would clarify this. 

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