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Live from Las Vegas!


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Hi Folks!


Not necessarily new to the Voron community, but consider myself an amateur when it comes to printing and building printers.  I fell in love with the Voron community

when I was considering building one, and was impressed with the friendliness and support surrounding them.  Anyway, look forward to contributing when I can (considering my limited knowledge and skills!).

I'm sure I'll be asking questions...lots of them when I run into roadblocks (like the dreaded updating software  problems, which I just did and am now stuck...ugh), so please 

be gentle!


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I've only built my V2.4 (Pretty much stock), and have only really printed about 50 times in the last two years.  Mostly practical things like brackets, mounts & spacers

for little things around the house, nothing too complicated.  I did print a Destiny 2 weapon (Hung Jury) about a year ago.  I am currently trying to get the printer up and running as did a silly thing and did the updates and now I'm kinda dead in the water.  When I get home this weekend (I work out of town during the week) I will be troubleshooting.  Since I will be "under the hood" software-wise I might as well load up the resonance tuning module and give that a try...finally 🙂

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Welcome to the forum!

Did  you do the system updates? There is apparently an issue with the latest ones that breaks USB. There's threads around here and I believe on the official Voron channels (forum & Discord) with solutions.

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