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Hello from Whoopmasters


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Hi Everyone

I was someone who always asked a friend with a 3D printer to print stuff for me and then the friend just dropped his Ender 3 at my place. I used it a bit and then had to upgrade it a lot to make it the way I want it to work and then I was out of its limit in 6 weeks. I did some work and made several times its cost in one project.

Wanted to get a faster printer and then another friend helped me build a Ender 3 to Switchwire and here I am just getting to know the system better and already on the path to discover what I want to build next. Currently I have one Ender 3 Pro and one Ender 3 SW. I do some commercial freelance projects for 3D design and and printing if its referred to me. Recently made the lens mounts for iPhone 14 pro for a short movie that was shot using the iPhone.

Professionally I am a solutions designer and have mostly worked in Tech related to tech infrastructure, blockchain, identity and privacy.

On the hobby front I have been building stuff for more than 22 years of my life. Started a community of FPV pilots during COVID specifically for whoops and which led to building a lot of quadcotpers and custom 3D prints and here I am.



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