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Bigtreetech Pi V1.2 Unboxing


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Well at $40 Australian, I just could not resist and got me some BTT Pi v1.2 boards.

Arrived well packaged and within a very short time since ordering:

IMG_4427.thumb.jpeg.46c54577136f31ea1bf1d0a71594b2eb.jpeg    IMG_4419.thumb.jpeg.19da6436b0ccffe1e3ba104aeadc2d02.jpeg IMG_4420.thumb.jpeg.026c2fe0ba0c07d38a08ed986fd46810.jpeg

And the familiar "ducky" was there as well.

In the box, other than "ducky"  I found the following:


BTT sticker, thank you card, WiFi antenna, the board, heatsink and SPI cable.

Boy this heatsink is MAHUSIVE!


Form factor and mountings, similar to the Raspi Pi



Screen - SPI or HDMI. DSI not supported

Has it's own Canbus port - will definitely have to try that!

Camera: USB only


Will have to see if it boots to mainsail pi image or not. Certainly looks like it will be easier to set up than the Rock Pi 4. Time will tell





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On 5/12/2023 at 6:14 PM, mvdveer said:

Will have to see if it boots to mainsail pi image or not. Certainly looks like it will be easier to set up than the Rock Pi 4. Time will tell

I would assume it will. I'm guessing 3D printer builders and modders are their primary customers so running Klipper or Octoprint would be a priority.

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If I'm reading right, it's is basically the cb1 chipset.  It won't run anything except the Debian distro created by BTT for the CB1. 

 There's a minimal install version on github that requires you to install Klipperscreen with KIAUH,  and a complete image that has klipper pre-installed.



I have a CB1, and it works pretty well. The biggest downside is that it won't work with the DSI raspberry pi screens.  You have to use a HDMI screen, or the pitft35 SPI.



Quote from the above link:

The board is software-compatible with the BIGTREETECH CB1 system-on-module and BTT Pi runs the CB1 image based on Debian 11, Linux 5.16, and Klipper open-source 3D printer software. You’ll find the latest version of the OS image on GitHub

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On 6/6/2023 at 9:22 PM, Chuck_Snow said:

@mvdveer did you happen to buy the U2C hat for it to enable the CanBus port?..  I looked around and theirs is' nt a lot of info on flashing it I assume it will be similar to their other U2C board.

I have the hat for one of mine just haven't gotten around to flashing it yet, It's for one of my Artillery X1 to Switchwire mods. Just got the rest of the parts for that mod yesterday. I'll post up info when I've flashed it.

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