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Dead spider?


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I have a Fysetc Spider v2.3 purchased from Aliexpress (I think the official store) and had it connected and working up until I completed the wiring to the stealthburner PCB.  I need help to determine if the board is dead.  The Raspberry Pi 4 seems to be working.  I am unable to get Klipper to connect and have exhausted all of the methods I've found online, including the discussions on this website.  I've tried different USB cables and ST32CubeProg with no success.  Connecting the Spider to my laptop never shows an active COM port. I've checked voltages between the Raspberry Pi and power supply. I do get the 3 lights on the board but it no response.  Flashing the board via SD card doesn't work or attempting the restore the bootloader fail.  Any ideas?  I have a Octopus v1.1 board that's working but I spent so much time troubleshooting the Spider I'd like a little bit of closure before I toss it in the trash.



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Don't know the Fysetc Spider board at all. Only ever used Bigtreetech boards. Will do a bit of searching to see if I can shed any light on this.

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