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Voron 2 newb soon


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Was asked by the bot to post.

I have been a "maker" for a very long time.  Mostly using wood or premade items that I would "hack" together to fit an electronics project (arduino originally, now mostly esp/samd chips, and even dabble in custom PCB creation).

Not sure what took me so long to get into 3D printing.  Finally got an Ender a few years ago.  It worked great for what it is and its price point really.  Gota  prusa last year, then another, and now looking to build a Voron 2, just because they look awesome and I want a large 350 build volume as some of the cases/devices I want to print for my electronics projects can be large.  Really, more for the fun/challenge of building an "adult lego set" 😄

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14 minutes ago, Demosth said:

Welcome to the community. What type of electronics projects are you working on printing your own rather large enclosures?

One where I need a large custom printed case was for an automated fireworks board.  I haven't got around to doing more than a tray, here is a picture of me using it just on a box of filament 🙂

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2 minutes ago, Demosth said:

Niiice, did you also design the pcb? That’s really fun!

Yes, designed from scratch, soldered myself, custom coded the LoraRadio receiver and sender. The RGBs (16 one for each relay) are Green, Turn Red when firing, Turn blue once fired. Controlled by this:


which can control as many of the boards as I want.  I had 4 boards setup for my fireworks display last year. Plan to add a couple more 🙂

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