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Hello from Italy


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Hello everyone, I'm not new to 3d printing, I have many marlin prusa mk3s printers.. mini ender cr10 but I recently got myself a Voron 2.4 350 LDO, I got to know this forum thanks to the very detailed discussion of the ERCF which I will soon install too and I will definitely need some help 😉

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I just "paused" it for now...  got lots of things to print, and I dont have a reserve printer right now.. they need to work 😛

But I will continue, all I can advise, get good bowden tube, real PTFE (not clear) as mentioned by @claudermilk I think...

But I am also thinking to hang my spools higher on the wall, so the buffer and feeder can hang on the wall on all it pulled down without bends and way less friction. For me, this is the biggest issue to solve, and the right settings in superslicer maybe 😛 

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Welcome to the forum. You will find plenty of knowledgeable folks here to help out. I haven't tackled the ERCF (yet), but the local experts here have already responded. It's a challenge-but that part of the fun, right?

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