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Hello from Rhode Island


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I'm just starting the process of learning what I need to know to do a v2.4r2 build later this summer...and boy is my head spinning rn!

I've had a Prusa MK3S (kit) for a few years, and decided that I really wanted a CoreXY machine, preferably with a stationary bed, so here I am. I started reading and watching videos two days ago, and that's all I've done since then and my wife is getting worried.

Right now, I'm trying to impose discipline on myself, resisting the urge to include ALL the mods in my initial build. I think that I've decided that it's worth the additional cost and labour to first do a basic build (leaning towards an LDO kit) and then start modding.

The first mods I think will be GE5C, TAP, and titanium backers,-and I might fit them into the initial build. Then I really want a filament sensor, so I am wrestling with whether the Orbiter sensor is really my best choice, and whether I will mate it with an Orbiter2 extruder or try to fit it to Galileo2 when it comes out, or to something else. And so on :-).

I'm sure that I'll be around asking questions, so many thanks in advance for your collective help!



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